Live More Life Outdoors

Our mission is to help everyone get outdoors everyday, enjoy + experience nature, and protect + preserve these wild places for all of the generations to come.

Our Story From the Start, 2016

It all started in 2016, with 2 weeks to drive across the U.S. and see 6 National Parks. We packed up our 4-door Jeep Wrangler and began the 13-hour drive from Connecticut to Indiana.

We planned to spend as much of our time as we could in the National Parks out West and we were excited to get out there.

Cross Country Road Trip

From Indiana, we made our way to Badlands National Park, which was the first park we explored together and we had two days there before we were off to Yellowstone.

The Badlands were vast. We could see the horizon for miles ahead, with multi-colored cathedral-like terrain. It gave us the feeling of time standing still as we gazed upon this other-worldly landscape.

Two days into our first cross-country road trip and we were so thrilled. We had this exhilarating feeling of freedom and gratitude to have the opportunity to take in these new and diverse landscapes, see so much of the U.S., and cover so much distance.

Our Love for National Parks

Yellowstone was up next and here we hit our first snag in the trip. Instead of arriving at our campground during daylight so we could get a sense of our surroundings, we arrived after dark, around 11pm.

We were greeted by the park ranger who shared with us that a grizzly bear had been walking through the campsite the night before. This added to a bit of tension of having to set up camp in the dark, in a brand new place.

We both come from vastly different levels of experience with the great outdoors so this is where things got interesting.

(Side note: we now have a rule for road trips that we always arrive at camp with some daylight left.)

Founder & Outdoorsman, Thomas

But first let’s rewind - from an early age, Thomas had a natural love and connection to the great outdoors. His first big backcountry canoe trip was in the boundary waters of Minnesota at 8 years old.

Even at this young age, he was in his element. When a team vote stacked the odds against him as his older brother and cousins wanted to return home, he was the only one amongst the kids in the group that voted to continue the trip.

Since then he has done various backpacking, camping, canoeing, biking, and National Park trips. He is thankful to his parents for introducing him to the great outdoors at such a young age.

He enjoyed his time as a Boy Scout and completed his Eagle Scout Award at the age of 16. He learned fire building, knots, campfire cooking, first aid and more, which to this day gives him confidence in his outdoorsman skills. 

Founder & Nature Lover, Lauren

On the contrary, Lauren did not have as much experience in the great outdoors. In fact, this cross country road trip with Thomas was the first time she had gone tent camping.

So the news of the grizzly bear in the campgrounds in Yellowstone was off-putting to an inexperienced outdoorswoman, and she slept in the Jeep that first night in Yellowstone.

But since then, Lauren has grown to truly love the outdoors. Through education, a few pointers, skills and reassurance from Thomas. Lauren learned how to relax and enjoy time out in the wilderness, which is one of the greatest gifts Thomas has given her.

This newfound time in nature re-ignited Lauren's love for art and design from her cherished childhood memories. And on all of these trips, Lauren drew the unique flowers she saw that morning or captured the magnitude of the mountains she ventured into that day.

Naturally, combining Thomas's appreciation and connection to nature with Lauren's love for art and design is exactly how Life Outdoors Group was created.

Nowadays, 2024

That first cross country road trip we took together was so memorable. Now 8 years and 23 National Parks later, we’ve learned even more about the great outdoors.

Especially how to plan a great trip, how to be confident and respectful in these wild places, and how to enjoy and be present enough to experience all of the healing benefits of nature.

Nowadays, you could say that road trips and National Parks are our love language as we feel so energized, inspired and nostalgic towards all the beautiful moments and unique experiences we’ve created together from that very first road trip and beyond.

We especially enjoy tent camping together, as it allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the place or Park we’re visiting. As of 2024, we’ve been to 23 out of the 63 U.S. National Parks, with plans to see about 8 additional parks this year.

Our Mission

We started Life Outdoors Group to help more people get into the great outdoors, everyday.

For those who are new to being outdoorsy, for those who are curious and seeking adventure and memorable moments through road trips, adventures and the US National Parks.

Our mission is to connect more people with nature and to help them get out into the wilderness confidently and with passion and reverence. Our designs and products exist to inspire everyone to get outside everyday.

Whether it's a 10 minute walk outside everyday or a 10 mile vertical hike up the steepest mountain or a trip to your very first or your 63rd National Park (good for you!).

With the reality of our modern lives, we all need to consciously remember to take time to connect with nature, our planet, each other and ourselves on a daily basis.

Living life outdoors is a necessity to keep us balanced, whole, healthy and happy.

Our goal is to get more people spending more time outside, in the sunshine, breathing fresh air, exploring new places, having fun while getting movement in, and being inspired by new adventures.

Life Outdoors Group is here to help you make the shift to living outside more regularly, to become bold enough to step outside, explore new places and have the information and goods to fully immerse and enjoy yourself while living life outdoors.

The best part is, with every purchase, you are giving back to the Parks and places that keep us all inspired.

No matter where you are in your outdoor journey, our products and collections are here to inspire you to embrace a life outdoors and at the same time help you feel good about your purchase.

All of our products are produced with sustainability in mind. And on top of that, each purchase gives back to the places that inspire the designs in the first place, the National Parks via the National Park Foundation, to protect, preserve and care for them for all of the generations to come. 

What makes our goods so good?

Our design process

All of our products are inspired by our adventures in the outdoors.

We both work together to pull in the elements and colors of the Park or place we are designing for.

We’ve been to most of the places that we design for and so the designs are either created while we are at that location or were created with that park or place in mind, with an emphasis on staying true to the spirit, beauty and muse of that natural, wild place.

Our sustainable manufacturing

We truly care for nature and the U.S. National Parks and we don’t want to be just another retail company, so we do things differently and the absolute best that we can.

For starters, we only ship to the U.S. and we’ve partnered with only the most sustainable U.S. based suppliers who use the most sustainably certified materials.

For example, we use organic cotton, 100% soy wax, eco-certified paper that meets the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and dyes and inks that meet all of the highest eco-friendly standards, such as OEKO-TEX, Eco-Pass, and CPSIA compliance.

You can feel confident in supporting a socially conscious manufacturing process as we prioritize sustainability in the production of our goods.

Our minimized carbon footprint

Each item is printed in the USA and is made to order for you which minimizes excessive production and helps to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

We are committed to sustainable business practices and leaving the planet better than we found it.